Extra Security at the Atrium for Champions League Final - Bring Your Student ID Card

May 23, 2017

From 7am on Friday 2nd June until 4pm on Sunday 4th June, all students will need their student ID card to gain access to the campus and will be required to wear their cards at all times while there.

Extra security measures will be in place at the Atrium building next week as the UEFA Champions League Final heads to the city.

From 7am on Friday 2 June until 4pm on Sunday 4 June, all students and staff members will need their ID security cards to gain access to the building. The doors at both entrances will be locked during this time and will need to be opened using your ID card on the silver access pads.

The security team will also be carrying out random ID checks on any student or staff member not wearing an ID card once inside.

Due to the large numbers of people expected in Cardiff for the event, the extra security checks aim to ensure that only people who are authorised to be in the campus will have access during this time.

If you need to activate your access card for the Atrium before Friday 2 June, please follow the instructions on the Estates website.

If you have any queries, please contact estatessecurity@southwales.ac.uk.

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