Cardiff Campus | Replacement ID and Swipe Cards

Student ID and swipe card

You will have received your Student ID and swipe card (which you may hear being referred to as an enrolment card) when you arrived on your first induction day (Please see relevant course plan). It’s about the same size as a credit card, has your picture on it and confirms that you are student of University of South Wales. It also has an expiry date on the card – this is the planned completion date of your course. This will be your card throughout your University life and you should keep it on you at all times. If you misplace or lose this card, there will be a charge £5 for a replacement which you will have to pay at the cash office. Stolen cards are also charged at £5.

You will need your Student ID Card to use library and computer facilities. The card will also be your security swipe card with access to the teaching areas and specialist rooms you’ll be using during your studies. To activate the card, please swipe it against any door security card reader situated around the building. If you have any problems with using this card please notify our Security Team via main building reception – you’ll need to confirm your name, student ID number and course.

Bike shed access

We have a secure bicycle shed at the rear of ATRiuM where you can leave your bike whilst attending your classes. Please ask Security at main reception to add this access to your security swipe card.