Coursework Submissions (Cardiff Campus)

We strongly recommend that you back up your assessments regularly using external storage such as a memory stick or portable hard drive, and that you retain a final copy in case you are required to produce it for any reason. By keeping copies of all of your assessment briefs and work submitted throughout your studies you will be able to critically evaluate your own progress. We recommend you also retain any reference material you have used. It isn’t always possible for the University to stagger submission dates, but remember that you can submit assessments early if this helps with your time management.

The University operates a 'fit to sit’ policy which means that by presenting yourself for an assessment (eg presentation) or submitting an assessment irrespective of the method of submission it means you are declaring yourself as fit. You cannot then subsequently claim you were unfit due to circumstances or illness affecting your performance (other than in exceptional circumstances).

Assessment brief

Your Module Tutor will provide a formal assessment brief which should be located on the assessment tab within Blackboard. The brief should contain the following information as a minimum:

  • Details of the assessment requirements.
  • Deadline(s) for submission.
  • Assessment coversheet if you’re required to submit a hard copy of the work. The Module Tutor will direct you accordingly in line with the assessment you’re undertaking.
  • How to submit your work (online/in-class/Advice Zone).
  • The learning outcomes this assessment will expect you to meet.
  • How you’ll receive your feedback on the assessment.
  • Marking guidance.

Online submissions for Blackboard or Turnitin

  • If you submit your work via Blackboard you will receive an electronic notification of submission which can be viewed via your submissions on Blackboard. For Turnitin assessments, you’ll receive a receipt in the form of an email to your University account. You should retain these until the end of each academic year in case you are asked to provide proof of submission.
  • The deadline time for work submitted through Turnitin is 11.59pm on the date of submission.
  • You are not required to submit a hard copy to the Advice Zone (the only exception is Dissertations, where you may be required to submit online and through the Advice Zone).

Submissions through the Advice Zone

  • If it is not possible to submit work online, you may be required to submit through the Advice Zone (as indicated in your assignment brief).
  • You will be required to print and submit with a coversheet. This is available under Hot Links on your home page on Blackboard. Our guide How do I find my coversheet , will show you how to find this.
  • This coversheet will contain a barcode which is unique to you. (you will be unable to use another student’s coversheet).
  • When you submit the work to the Advice Zone, the coversheet will be scanned and you will receive an email receipt confirming submission.
  • The Advice Zone will be unable to accept any work without a coversheet.
  • The deadline for work submitted to the Advice Zone is 4pm. Any work submitted after this time, on date of submission, will be marked late.
  • If you plan to submit your work before the deadline date, the Advice Zone will be unable to accept coursework after 4:30pm Monday-Friday.

Submissions in class

  • You may be required to submit some work in class.
  • The date and time will be confirmed by your Module Leader and indicated in your assignment brief.
  • You will be required to submit this with a coversheet (available on the assessment tab on Blackboard – provided by your module leader).

Your responsibilities

As this is your assessment there are a number of key elements which are key to your submission. If you have any questions or are unsure of any instructions, don’t delay in contacting your Module Tutor:

  • Submissions through the Advice Zone – download the respective coversheet immediately when the brief is made available to you. Otherwise, if you attempt to submit without this, your work will not be accepted.
  • Be clear about the deadline submission date and time. If your assessment is to be submitted at Advice Zone, it must be submitted by 4.00pm (please check these details with your module tutor and information on Blackboard).
  • Submit only in the format indicated in the assessment brief. If you submit in an alternative format it’s likely you’ll receive a zero.
  • Check that any CD’s or DVD’s open correctly when using a University computer.
  • If you are submitting a CD/DVD/Memory Stick, it is your responsibility to ensure these are clearly labelled and attached to the official coversheet (if submitting at the Advice Zone or in class).
  • Ensure your work is clearly labelled as per the instructions in the assessment brief.
  • Retain a copy of any receipt you are issued following submission of assessment as you may be required to present this at some stage in the future.
  • Do not email your final assessment directly to the Module Tutor this is not an approved method of submission.

Late submissions

The University operates a strict policy on late submissions. You should always endeavour to submit your assessment by the deadline date/time. Please note the below information:

  • Assessments submitted via the Advice Zone are subject to the clock on the University computers (this is the noted tome when the barcode on the coversheet is submitted. This time is deemed final.
  • The Advice Zone is open to receive submissions Monday to Thursday from 08.30am to 5.00pm (Fridays, 4.30pm) only. You will be unable to submit work to the Advice Zone outside of these hours or at the weekend.
  • If you submit after 4.00pm (for assessments through the Advice Zone) on the deadline date, this will be considered a late submission and a note made on your assessment.
  • If your work is submitted after the submission date, but within 5 working days, it will be capped at 40%. No marks will be awarded if the assessment is submitted after this point (unless there are approved extenuating circumstances).
  • If work is submitted after 11.59 (on the original submission date) through Turnitin, but within 5 working days, it will be capped at 40%.

Course Handbook

Your Course Handbook should also contain submission dates for your assessments and the dates feedback is due. Your Course Handbooks can be found on Blackboard. If you have any queries about your Course Handbook, please contact your Course Leader.

Any Questions?

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